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Tablet PC

Tablet PC

Tablet PC's is made more convenient and simpler than traditional laptops that it uses touch screen as input. Generally we use stylus, pen and now our fingers for input. It is smaller and light weight than laptops. It is designed in the way which is easy to carry.
Example: Apple ipad, Samsung galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom. 
Operating system used in Tablet PC

Tablet PC's uses popular OS such Google Android, Windows 7, Apple ios etc. 
Features of Tablet PC

1. It uses wireless internet.
2. Supports lot of application as now everyone prefers tablet PC.
3. Used best for business and conference.
4. Sharing file can be done easily through bluetooth.
5. Reading ebooks in tablet pc is easier than laptops.
6. It uses battery power for a long time than laptops.
7. As portable can be done easily Maps feature can be accessed easily through tablet pc than laptops.
8. Used while walking while laptops cannot be used like that.
9. Tablet PC are integrated with nice camera so every moment can be captured easily.
10. Entertainment such as music, internet, wi-fi can be used where ever you need.

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