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Intel Haswell : 4th Gen CPU Review And Ratings !

If you have been following the tech workshops you might be hearing about Haswell ! Its the new 4th Generation Processors. So whats new in it ?
For starters, Intel has focused on reducing the TDP of their CPU's and in doing so, have expanded their SKU's to benefit mobile chipsets. In simpler terms, This processor shows very high energy efficiency !
Now ride with us while we take the new Haswell out for a swing !

Main Feature's Of Intel Haswell :

 'Power Optimiser' framework fo S3 style power.
 Pre-Installed eDRAM cache for high throughput and low latency !
 2x Cache bandwidth.
 AVX2 Instruction Set.

New Features of Intel Haswell :

This new generation processor 'Haswell' are mainly designed to be placed on Hybrid Laptop-Tablet computers. Their physical form is a little different from the previous processors because these processors will be soldered to a board behind the screen, not the base !
These processors consume less energy, but it doesn't mean they are light on graphical performance. Accompanying these low power CPU's are the Inter Iris And Intel Iris Pro graphics chips, which can deliver upto twice the graphic ( game ) performance in computers.
The new GPU supports faster Quick Sync Video Decoding and transcoding. The support for DX11.1, OpenCL 1.2, OpenGL 4.0, multi-screen, 4K ( Ultra HD ) is also given.

Intel Haswell Specification :

Intel 4th Gen Processor will be available in three flavours : Core i3, i5 And i7. The core i7 and core i5 are quad core. Also the Core i7 has HyperThreading and 8MB of L3 cache (which was 6MB in previous).
The Core i7 - 4770R is the only BGA Variety processor and will be mainly used by PC Manufactures in All-In-One PC's.The i7 - 4770K still uses the 22nm fabrication but uses the new LGA 1150 Socket ( replace the 1155 Socket, )

Comparison With Other Intel CPU's :

Specification  Versus The Older Processors !

Threaded Performance :

Blender 2.6 Cycles Engine.

PhotoShop CS6 Loading Time :

Photoshop CS6 Loading Time, Less Is Better.

World Of Warcraft Average Frame Per Second :

WoW FPS Benchmark, 80 FPS, Not Bad !

The Control Panel :

The new UEFI BIOS is pretty self explanatory. A guy with little computer experience could easily navigate in it. The main screen lets you adjust the basic settings of CPU, GPU and memory. The advanced tuning can be done by going to the Performance tab. The UEFI BIOS is the most powerful yet easy to use interface we have ever met. Overclocking was never so easy.

Sleek, Powerful Interface Of UEFI BIOS.

Why Name It Haswell ?

Intel Birth place aka Haswell , A Picture will explain it better :

Haswell Town Roadmap !

So I'm running an Intel 2nd Generation Or 3rd Generation Processors, Should I upgrade ?

Well if you have an Ivy Bridge or similar processor , We would recommend you not to upgrade your processor. Whatever the scenario is, you'll get 5% - 20% (max) performance jump, And that is not worth that much money. We would advise you to hold that money and buy the next processor from Intel. 

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