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Is Facebook Afraid Of Google Plus ?

Facebook, The biggest, largest and most popular Social-Networking site that ran many other websites out of business, Like Orkut, Friendster and hi5, And produced a major problem for big sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, Has started to show the signs that its time is over. Facebook is scared of Google+, And it has got good reason too :

Why Should Facebook Be Scared Of Google Plus :

People Get Bored :

Everything has its craze, After sometime, People start searching for something new, And that is exactly what Google + Is Offering. Facebook Profile And Wall design hasn't been changed in the past years. The biggest change in Facebook Design was 'Timeline' And 'Cover Photo', But we are bored of it now. Google Plus is so much interesting with its Circles, +1 Features, Hangouts And other stuff.

Google Plus Has Next-Gen Technology :

Google+ is a fusion of Facebook and Twitter, The two social networking giants of this time. One of the main reason people are using Google Plus is because,Like Twitter they can share what they find interesting not only to their close friends, but to the whole internet And Follow their Interests Easily. Unlike Facebook. In other words, G+'s popularity is being driven by Twitter-like activity. G+ Also has a strong inter-network social sharing, where you can share stuff with your friends easily.

Fusion With Google Search :

Probably the biggest change in Google Search Since Google Instant, Was that when Google started to Integrate Google Plus In the Search. Suppose you’re searching for a trip to New Delhi,India. Normally Google will serve you related web pages about the area of India's you are researching. However, if you click the person icon or as Google calls it the “Search plus your world” icon, it will start bringing up Google+ posts about New Delhi And India from your network, related photos from your friends, and pages/profiles related to that query. Also if you're on Google Authorship Program, And You Have a G+ Profile, You'll Appear on the Google search. So that means if you are on G+, you will pop up in Search Results.

Here Is An Interesting Picture Showing How Much The Popular Social Networking Sites Took To Reach 50 Million Users :

Facebook vs google+

Assisting Users In Making Google Plus Profiles :

Google has put a lot of efforts in making Google Plus a hit. They Used their Biggest Weapon, The Search, to force people into making G+ profiles. The Second most used feature of Google, The G-Mail, is also contributing in increasing the population of G+. See when you sign up for Gmail, Google has automatically ticked two boxes in the end which automatically creates your G+ Profile when you make a mail account.

Google Know Facebook Weakness :

Facebook’s real enemy isn't Google Plus ; It’s Facebook. Google knows this. Thus when Facebook shoots itself and stumbles badly, Google is in the prime position to seize on the opportunity and siphon away users.Currently Google+ Is only a Alternative to Facebook, but it might change soon ! 

Facebook On Its Defensive Mode. Here's How :

Constant Upgrading :

Facebook is constantly upgrading itself to protect its throne. The Biggest Change was Graph Search, Where Facebook tried to turn their search box into a smart box, Also Facebook is now more aimed at Brands And Companies, Facebook’s analytic s tool (Useful for Page Admins's) Insights show's Page performance data in real-time. 
Facebook New Graph Search, Intelligent, But Not Intelligent Enough To Take On G+.

Blocks Friends Exporter Plug-in :

One Of the most famous plug-ins of Google Chrome And Firefox, Facebook Friend Exporter, the open-source extension, lets users grab all the information about their Facebook friends, which can then be imported to other social sharing networks like Twitter or mainly Google Plus, Was blocked by Facebook. Also they removed the external E-Mail addresses from Profile So that its impossible to export friends list.

Blocks Plugin, Result Of Panic ?

After Viewing Google Plus Success, Facebook Makes itself More "Twitter-Alike" :

Facebook Has started working on the Twitter Formula too. The Hash-tags, Followers, Etc are clearly the signs that Facebook is converting itself to Twitter 2.0. The Google Plus Now Has More than 500 Million Users ( Till June 2015), And It is clear that it'll out-space Twitter in the close time, Facebook knows after Twitter, It's their number.

More Bounty To Peoples Who Figure Out Bugs In Facebook : 

Since Always, Facebook has been slow in finding and fixing its problems, And the thing that can make this company go down faster than a avalanche, is if its Users gets compromised. So Facebook now gives you a large chunk of money if you can figure out a security hole in Facebook, And more money if you provide a solution it.

Working On Their Privacy Policy :

Privacy is last, and not because it’s not important, quite on the contrary. Protecting your privacy is one of the most important aspects of social networking, and there’s no reason for privacy settings to be complicated. Google+‘s privacy settings are all in a huge, changeable pile . These are part of your Google account’s general settings, and all reside under one single tab: Google+. Facebook, on the other hand, have been under attack for privacy concerns since day one, and has been working on simplifying its privacy settings for years.

A Photo Comparision Of Google+ And Facebook, Please Click To Zoom. :

Real Hackers Point
Photo Courtesy Of Blazomania !

Conclusion :
 If Facebook Wants to keep itself in business, They would have to make themselves more Like-able, But it is somewhat known that Google Plus Will Replace Facebook, It Might Not Be Today, Or Even The Next Year, But Facebook Has Finally found a competitor and needs something Big To Win This Battle. !

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