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Backtrack 6 "Kali Linux" Review.

Kali Linux Launched On 13 March, 2015.

Welcome To A Whole New Backtrack OS.

BackTrack is intended for all audiences from the most savvy security professionals to early newcomers to the information security field. BackTrack promotes a quick and easy way to find and update the largest database of security tools collection to-date,Now as we know, The Backtrack Project Is Funded By Offensive Security And Informatik Org, The New Backtrack 6 Is Nothing like the earlier backtrack,This one has got a revamped interface, new libraries, NEW METASPOILT (yayy ), and other security tools.
So let us review them.

Installation -

The Kali Linux Has The Same Minimum Requirements like the last one,they are : 1 GHz CPU, 8 GB of Hard Disk Space, 300 MB RAM, And DVD-writer/Ability to boot with Pendrive.

The Installation is pretty simple . All you have to do is :
1 - Insert The DVD.
2 - Get Into The Boot Menu (f12 on dell, depends on motherboard)
3 - You will be greeted by the backtrack dragon, select the Graphical Install.
4 - Now Follow The On-Screen Steps and the new Backtrack will be installed.

As For Other Structures, Un-Official disk images from offensive security are also there.You can install Kali Linux On -
1 - VMWare
2 - Samsung Chromebook ARM
3 - Odroid U2
4 - Raspberry Pi (now that is what i am talking about)
5 - RK3306 / SS808

So Whats New In Kali Linux ?

Well the biggest change is that The Backtrack base changed Form Ubuntu To Debian, This means the monkeys at backtrack have to work hard to design new software libraries. 
Other noticeable change is in the  /pentest directory. As the guys over offensive security said, the /pentest creates a lot of confusion, Now the tool you require will be directly accessible from its directory.Now you will be able to call any tool from anywhere on the system as every application is included in the system path.
Another Change is now the automatic update is set to synchronize with the Debian repositories 4 times a day, constantly providing the latest package updates and security fixes available.
Other changes include : Long term packaging of high profile tools (LTS),supports ARM,Improved Desktop Flexibility And Easy Upgrade to Future Versions.
Also My favorite thing in this new backtrack is New Metaspoilt.Read Below For It.

The Software Library !!!

The new Kali Linux incorporates more than 300 penetration testing and security auditing programs with a Linux operating system, delivering an all-in-one solution that enables IT administrators and security professionals to test the effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies. Metasploit is the most comprehensive exploit solution included with the package and is featured as one of the Kali Linux’s “Top 10 Security Tools.”
Kali's suite of tools includes Metasploit, Wireshark, John the Ripper, Nmap and Aircrack-ng. The applications have been evaluated and selected specifically for suitability and usefulness and do away with the historically accumulated selection that is available in BackTrack.And i will give you guys on tutorial on all of these in the later posts.

New Architecture :

With the new distribution, Offensive Security is expanding the hardware support: aside from the usual 32- and 64-bit images, ARM-based versions of the distribution are also available. This allows users to run Kali on the Raspberry Pi mini-computer and on Samsung's ARM Chromebook. According to the developers, they are trying to support as many wireless interfaces as possible and, to that end, are using a kernel based on the upstream version 3.7 that includes patches needed for the support of packet injection on many wireless interfaces.

Get Kali Linux Here : http://www.kali.org/downloads/

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