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10 Reasons For Getting A Tablet Instead Of A Netbook

By: Danny Ashton

How people fancy technology nowadays is a fact that needs no denying. With the evolution of so many technological wonders, different products are manufactured by technology moguls to attend to the needs of people, specifically in the aspects of communication, information and entertainment. Two of the most coveted gadgets are the tablet and netbook computers.

Typically, the two serve almost the same set of purposes, but there are differences that can make one a better option than the other. Are you a pro-tablet or a pro-netbook user? Are you confused on which one to get?

Most of the techies, the colloquial term referred to gadget hobbyists, would say tablets are a better option. Why, exactly? The following are ten reasons why:

1. Weight is an issue, even in computers.
For travellers and people who need to bring computers for meetings outside of the office, bringing in an extra 2-3 kilos would be torture. Tablets could be as light as a thin book so it gets a star for that.

2. The tablet PC can lie flat in any working surface.
If you will be in a meeting with your boss, you would not want to block the view with a disturbing block of equipment.

3. The tablet just uses a special pen for keying in information.
Or in most cases, your fingers can just swipe away. If you believe it is about time to throw the mouse out of the house, a tablet is what you need.

4. Customizing your screen is much easier.
Unlike a netbook with so many settings and configurations, a tablet can be as personalized and customized as how you want it to be.

5. The accuracy of your inputs is better with a tablet than a netbook.
Since you can ditch the mouse and the confusing keyboard, you can have better access to your work and increase the accuracy of whatever you enter.

6. It is cheaper to buy a tablet than a netbook.
Price is an important factor in techie purchases, so if you wish to achieve better performance without spending all your money, better buy the most affordable tablet that you can find.

7. A tablet does not crash as often as a netbook.
System crashes are almost always inevitable, but a tablet is easier to troubleshoot and configure.

8. Travelling with a tablet means getting your own handy tour guide.
It would be difficult to use your netbook while getting around a foreign place. Opening a netbook, flipping the monitor and typing on the keyboard while listening to it go clickety-clack is one great challenge, particularly if you’re onboard a packed train.

9.Reading your e-books would be a breeze with a tablet.
Because there is no need for the mouse for scrolling, reading an e-book from a tablet is just like reading from a clipboard full of notes. You can also zoom in and out of the e-book interface with ease, and change the screen orientation according to your preferences.

10. The tablet PC is cool, in all senses.
Seriously, a tablet PC is a portable gadget with a wide-screen, touch-sensitive monitor that encompasses almost all features that you need—what else is there to say?

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