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I Found Quality Wireless Internet In My Area

by: Rebekah Evans

I had made the decision to change internet providers some time ago. My wireless internet had not only become unreliable, but had decided to start charging more for their services.

I didn't want to pay that price for unreliability any longer, so I began the search for high speed internet providers in my area.

My first thought was to check the phone book. It would only take a few minutes, and was easy to do. But all I found were vague ads that didn't provide a whole lot of information. Then I thought that maybe TV commercials or the flyers I got in the mail would give me more info. But they all said the same thing; that they offered the best deal.

I had almost given up, and decided one day to take a break and do some surfing. Then I wondered; maybe there is something online that will help me find the provider I want. So I did a search. What came up were a list of comparison sites. But I found most of them confusing.

Just as I was getting frustrated, I clicked on another site in the list. This one seemed to be different right off the bat. It told me a little bit about what I would find at the site. It looked like it would contain all the information I had been looking for!

Sure enough, as I investigated further, I kept finding pieces of information that I wasn't able to find elsewhere. I could read up on all the providers, even the small print about contracts and fees. It was great knowing how each company worked up front; it made me feel a lot more educated about making a choice.

There were discounts galore for the ISPs in my area, and I qualified for most of them because I would be a new subscriber. And many of them were only available online, which I found really amazing.

I found my new ISP that day, and have been with them for 6 months so far. My service is great, and I wouldn't change a thing! I've told my friends about the site, and I'm definitely going back if I need a new provider in the future.

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