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Lotus Notes Email Export Process with Inline Images Also to Be Converted

by: Pamella Broom

Inline Images: Inline images are those, which are embedded in your mail or in the text body of your email. These images are retrieved and rendered as if they are the parts of the text. The inline images can occur within paragraphs in the text body of the email, almost anywhere in the mail body in fact.

Need to Attach Inline Images in Mails: Needless to say that today’s pictographic world, where an image is worth a thousand words, attaching images in the emails that you send sometimes is so much required that you cannot do without it. To explain the things properly and to suit the pictographic understanding of the receiver, images as attachments in mails is a common occurrence nowadays. Be it a birthday message, a new year wish, or a sample website layout to be shown to your team leader in office; inline images are required to be sent in your emails. Sending greetings to colleagues, friends, co-workers, and relatives remain tasteless until that greeting message is conjugated with a cute, depictive inline image that clearly shows the wishing intent that you have in your mind for the email receiver.

Lotus Notes Email Export Process with Inline Images Also Converted: Sometimes, due to switching email application, you come in the need to export Lotus Notes emails to Outlook; and this is when, you look for some NSF file converter for Lotus Notes email export process. Conversion of Lotus Data (http://www.nsftopst.co.uk/) to Outlook helps to you to keep accessing old NSF data even in Outlook PST files after the email client switchover. SysTools Export Notes software, which is an NSF 2 PST (http://www.exportlotusnotes.com/) tool, happens to be one of the best NSF to PST conversion tools around. Also, SysTools Export Notes free download of the demo version helps you to test the tool prior to its purchase. Now, suppose there few images in your NSF mails, which you want to retain even after the conversion to PST. The question arises about the conversion of this inline images also during the Lotus Notes email export process. Well! Using SysTools Export Notes software, it is possible for you to convert any images that at are present in email as attachments.

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