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Ways To Make My Computer Faster

By: Jean Cota

How to make my computer faster is something on the minds of many people. There are times when it had run flawlessly in the past, and then suddenly your pc is very slow. It can be time-consuming just to navigate from page to page, an aspect, which greatly slows down a computers' efficiency. Time and money could be lost in the event that you operate a business from home. So, you probably ask yourself "How do I make my computer faster?"

You can free up the disk space of your computer for it to run faster. Disk cleanup tool can be used in order to enhance the computer performance by means of freeing up some of the space on your hard drive. Files in the Recycle Bin, unused optional Windows components, Windows temporary files and temporary Internet files are just some of the files that you can safely remove to save space. Plenty of actors can be considered as to why the loading during start up of your Windows operating system becomes slow.

One key to the problem is to remove the programs that you do not want or those that you no longer needed. This is possible by means of hitting the Start menu and going to Run and typing “msconfig”. Just uncheck those programs that you do not like to run automatically during startup. You can clearly see the quicker running time once you restart your computer.

Slow access of data may also be a problem that you can commonly encounter on your computer. The culprit of this is disk fragmentation that is signified by fragmented filed. Files and folders that are fragmented are consolidated by Disk Defragmenter in order to set a single space for each file and folder on the hard disk. File reading and file writing, as well as searching, will become faster if the files and folders are no longer fragmented.

Spyware is something that you must not allow to enter your computer. Without your knowledge and permission, spy-wares work by collecting information that you input especially during Internet browsing and use them against you. As spy-wares damage your system, your privacy is apparently invaded. This is why it is very important to have a tool that works in detecting and removing these spy-wares.

One thing that you have to take note is the installation of only the programs that serve purpose for you. It would be better for you to remove the programs that you find to have no more use for you so that you can save space. The mentioned guidelines can truly help you on answering your question “How do I make my computer faster?” There are other ways that you can utilize for your computer to operate faster.

You may do what I did to make my computer faster by following one or more of a series of steps. These types of include running anti- virus, ad-ware, or spy-ware software on your own computer; deleting programs from your start-up folder; determining which programs on your own computer system start up automatically; removing just about any programs that you no longer use; deleting any files that you no longer really need; and/or deleting any temporary Internet files. There is also registry software that cleans your windows registry errors. When ever the registry gets clogged, the functionality of your own personal computer drops significantly.

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