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Windows 8: Microsoft’s Self-redemption In 2015?

by: Wendy Wong

About half an year ago, the rumor that Microsoft is developing their next generation operating system Windows 8 has been widely spread. Some leaks from the insider and Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft’s hint have both proved that Windows 8 is being developed now. Since Windows 7 has achieved great success in this year, we have enough reasons to expect Windows 8—the so called riskiest product bet by Microsoft.

What we know about Windows 8 by now ?

Released in 2015

In Oct 2015, Microsoft’s Dutch website accidentally published a paragraph on Sunday that indicated work on Windows 8 was in the run and the release time would be in 2015.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition would be added to Windows 8 so that the users can enter the system just like login to your e-mail and social network websites all by simply looking at a camera. The advanced technology could make it easier to replace other passwords with faces.

Faster startup speed

Although the startup speed of Windows 7 is faster than XP and Vista, it’s remains left behind in OS world. MacBooks can start in the 25-second range and Linux including Chrome OS, reduce that to just a few seconds. Now, Windows 8 might make it different.

128-bit compatibility

Back in November 2015, when Windows 7 was just released, a Microsoft engineer updated his claiming he was trying to get “IA-128 working backwards with full binary compatibility on the existing IA-64 instructions in the hardware simulation to work for Windows 8 and definitely Windows 9.” It seems that Windows 8 could be the first version of Windows to drop 32-bit support entirely.

App store

Now, app store has been a necessary part of smartphone operating system. Apple iOS、Google Android、HP webOS and Windows Phone 7 supply with app store service. According to leaked slides from a presentation, Windows 8 will follow suit with the “Windows Store.” Partners like HP may get opportunities to develop their own app stores (“HP Store powered by Windows”).

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