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How Most Used Website Track You, And How To Avoid It

Guide On How Does Websites Track You, What Do They Do After You Agreed To Their Terms And How To Opt-Out From It.

Please Watch This Funny Yet True Video About Your Search Engine !

The search engine giant Google new 'Terms Of Service' has left many people feeling insecure. The major highlight of the update "Shared Endorsements" allows your personal details (Name,Pics,Comments) to be used in targeted advertisements on Google property sites. Google's support page for shared endorsements says "The feature will allow for more friend-based recommendation of music and restaurants."

How To Opt Out Of Google Ads :

1 : Google's Shared Endorsements :

2 : Google's Interest-Based Ads :

Facebook Also is not far behind blowing holes in people privacy. The Not-So-New "Sponsored Stories" Ads can be quite annoying to any privacy lover. As described by Facebook "Sponsored stories are messages coming from friends about them engaging with a Page, app or event that a business, organization or individual has paid to highlight so there's a better chance people see them." .You can turn this feature off easily by going to the Edit button in your Ads settings page (Link Below), selecting "No one" and saving your changes.

Opt Out Of Facebook Sponsored Stories :

Click To Open Facebook Ads Setting Page

The Micro-Blogging platform Twitter also has an advertising program, " Twitter Tailored Ads" targeted ad campaign matches your profile information and tweet archive to relevant advertisers. Disabling it is easy: From your profile, go to your Security Settings page and unmark the box under the promoted content section.

Opt Out Of Twitter Tailored Ads :


Search History : The Ultimate Database !

Every time you search something, it is instantly collected, analyzed and used to better target the advertisements you see and give you more relevant search results. While this feature serves you better search results,  it could also lead to slightly limited results, depending what your search engine's algorithm has determined to be your interests. In Simpler Words If you search Cricket twice or thrice a day for 2-3 days, then you will start seeing Cricket Accessories Ads, everywhere. Below is how to disable search history :

1. Yahoo Search History : 

In your Yahoo preferences page, you can toggle search history off by clicking on the "Keep Search History" drop-down menu and selecting Search "History Off"

2. Bing Search History :

Within your Bing profile settings, you can stop by simply clicking the "Turn Off" button. From this page, you're also able to selectively delete any previous Bing searches you've made

3. Google Web :

In preferences, Choose "Turn off" button, next to the phrase "Web history is on." From there, you can also delete any and all past searches Google has stored.

Other Options :

You can also tamper with the Browser's Cookie settings, But we won't recommend it as it can cause problems. You Can Install Add-ons in your browser, Like my personal favorite Ghostery, Which can easily block unwanted cookies. Also you could use a good search engine, Like DuckDuckGo, Which is the most secure search engine till date. It has HTTPS, It doesn't share its data with NSA, and is pretty fast too.

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