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Hire Best Facebook App Developers and Carry the Day!

by : ShannonCarnton

If you are involved in Facebook app development, either as a development company or an individual, you must create some promising apps or games to reach to great heights in this field. For the former one, it is very important to hire the best minds, which not only give their best in coding related stuffs but has his/her own exceptional ways of thinking and capability to work well in the team. In this article, we will discuss on the important elements you should ponder upon, when you are to Hire Facebook Programmer which could help you deplete the risk factor involved in the same:

  • Go-through the concepts: Though you are extremely expert and experienced in the Facebook app development, before seeking for the developers, you should do the necessary homework from your side. Whichever good companies I have read about, have one great point – at the end of interview they ask the candidate if they want to ask something. There is the possibility that they may ask something from any area of the field or related field and if you, as an interviewer are not able to answer it, it can create wrong impression.
  • Novice or Experienced? Most of the companies face the ambiguity, whether to go with the novice developers or experienced one. To this point I would say, it depends on the type of project you want to hire the developers for. Many companies prefer the fresh minds because they are probably more enthusiastic in learning the things and they are like wet clay, whatever falls on their mind makes the concrete impression as time passes. Also, if you want to get done the most complex projects, it is preferable to go for the veteran developers owing to their experience in the field. Again, as a recruiter, I believe, there is no concrete delineation between the experienced and novice developers. I have seen many 2-3 years experience people who are just stagnant and cannot do the things which are slightly out of their comfort areas and the fresher's who are too versatile that they get ready to do any difficult task given to them through their efforts; whether they do or not, the positive approach matters a lot because most of the time under the guidance of seniors they do it well.

Ask something out of books

With this point, I want to put light on asking the intelligent questions. If you are a versatile company, this point is of utmost importance for you. Creating the applications requires some out-of-box thinkers. Please do not mistake the smart thinkers with complex thinkers. For creating the apps, you should hire Facebook programmer who can develop the apps which any user would love to use. For instance, Candy Crush Saga application is not a complex application, yet there are millions of users who love to play the game. So my point here is your app should touch the heart of user and insist them to use the app. This can be done only if you have great team and minds.

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