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Types of Laptops

By: Victor Thomas

A laptop otherwise called a notebook is a personal computer that can be used for its ease in mobility. Some of the features of both a laptop and a desktop are similar such as the display, keyboard and speakers. Every laptop is charged using an AC adapter as it uses a battery that can be recharged. A new laptop usually has the energy to run for about three to five hours depending on its usage, power management settings and its configuration. The main advantage is that whether the computer is running or not, the laptop gets charged when connected to the mains.

There are many types of laptops that are available in the market these days. One of the very commonly used laptops is the Full-size Laptops. It consists of a "full-size" keyboard that has some amount of free space on both ends. A large number of people prefer this kind of laptop because of its size and thereby can be used with ease.

The next type of laptop is the netbook that is lighter, smaller and hence easily portable. The price of this laptop is relatively cheaper than the full size ones but at the same time it has fewer features and lesser computing power. The size of the keyboard is smaller and hence difficult to handle. The size of these laptops are usually 11.6” and the biggest disadvantage is that CD`s cannot be used.

Tablet PC`s are the ones that have touch screens. Some of them are convertible tablets that consist of a full keyboard and a screen that rotates. Some models come along with the "slate" form-factor machines that are used for the purpose of touch screen only. Another type of laptop is rugged which is manufactured to function in tougher conditions such as dusty and wet conditions, mechanical shocks and extreme temperatures. Some of the common components of all these laptops are the motherboard, central processing unit, memory(RAM), power supply, battery, video display control, display, removable media devices, internal storage, input and ports.

Size is one of the main plus points of owning a laptop. They are smaller in size when compared to the desktops and hence makes a lot of difference when it comes to space constrain. When an individual is not using the laptop, it can be shut and kept in the draws or bags saving a lot of space. When compared to the desktops, laptop saves a lot of power as they are power - efficient. Most of the laptops use only 20 to 90 W of power while the desktops use about 100 to 800 W. This makes the laptops very useful in working areas.

Laptops are quieter when compared to desktops because of the presence of quiet components and less production of heat. Battery is another major advantage as the individual can still use the laptop even when there is no power. There is no need of an expensive UPS like the desktops. Laptops are available in various prices and hence identifying the best one is a great challenge. However, a laptop has become the need of the day and can definitely be purchased without any second thought.

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