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Starting a Startup: Some of the Best of 2015

These days, everyone wants to come up with a clever startup idea - especially those in the tech field. Startups can be vehicles for making millions, or even billions, but they can also crash and burn in a short period of time. The dream of making it big, however, keeps new business owners motivated.

This year’s hot startup industries include online shoe sales, translation services, social network game development, travel agencies, digital forensic services, TV and home theater installation services, and information-technology security consulting.

Treehouse, for example, offers users an affordable place to learn Web design and development, teaching students how to make iPhone and Android apps.

Storenvy is a place for sellers to create their own store and shoppers to sort through various marketplaces.

Medium was designed based on the belief that civilization moves forward when people can share ideas and experiences.

Duolingo is a website and Smartphone app that offers free foreign language lessons in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, German, and French.

Pocket is an ingenious little startup that allows Web users to save anything they might find while surfing – recipes, magazine articles, news postings, or shopping sites – to look at later, on any device.

With Branch, people are encouraged to create and indulge in high quality public discourse.

Gumroad allows people who write, make movies, or create music to sell directly to an online audience.

Last but not least, Snapguide is a site where people can go to create, view, or share simple and effective how-to guides.

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Starting a Startup: Some of the Best of 2015

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