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The Top 3 Picks of Free Cloud and Data Center Storage Services

by : Daneatkinson

In this new wave of IT innovation, the traditional model of infrastructure does not suffice for this reason, entrepreneurs today are taking advantage of cloud storage solutions in an attempt to maintain and protect their exponentially growing data. The impetus for this move is not only to reduce cost rather to get better Data Center Hosting Services.


Dropbox is one of the powerful and finest free cloud storage systems. The major benefit with drop box is, it offers specifically designed for Blackberry, Linux and OS systems and  also supports iOS & Android platforms,  no matter what type of technology you employ, it easily fits your business needs. Its desktop application is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Drop box offers 2GB of free storage space and follows a unique referral system wherein every friend you refer, you earn a 500 MB of extra space. This feature of drop box has been a greatest crowd puller. Dropbox has also successfully integrated with Face Book Groups thus allowing users easy sharing of files on their Facebook Groups.

Google Drive                                                                                                                                                     Google Drive is readily available within your Gmail account. It offers users 5GB of storage space and in case users want additional space they can select plans ranging from 25GB to 16TB. It supports Mac OS and Windows however like drop box it is not compatible with Linux. It has unique file type support including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop files, Vector Graphic files and Autodesk AutoCAD files. However to edit your Microsoft office documents, first you are required to convert it to a Google doc file type. It is secure to use, as drive is embedded with 2-step verification throughout your google account.

One Drive

One Drive popularly known as Sky Drive is a Microsoft's cloud storage service. It offers 7GB of free storage as compared to other two services it offers most competitive upgrade plans. The best part of Sky Drive is it directly integrates with Microsoft Office and allows syncing, viewing and sharing of docs. Sky Drive supports Windows and Mac OS and for supporting Linux, it is dependent on third-party programs. It is the only service to have it own mobile app, compatible with Windows phone, Android and iOS platform. Other, added feature found in Sky Drive is, users can have a remote access to the files on their PC.

Every serve has its own strengths and weaknesses, apart from these three services there are many others like iCloud, SugarSync and more. These cloud services are convenient to use and provide better Data center storage solutions.

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